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Here are some links we’ve stumbled upon this week that we think might interest you. Click away, you might learn something cool!

Slashdot asks: How to best record remote video interviews:

Get ready for another season of stiff drinks and sharp suits with a Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure game: BuzzFeed

Netflix and co. are outpacing physical media… but that’s bad news for movie studios: LA Times Blog

The top-rented DVDs of the year aren’t what you’d expect: LA Times Blog

Hands-on with the Photoshop CS6 beta: PC World

The first ever film based on a Dickens story has been found — after 111 years! BuzzFeed

Why were old-timey movie posters so cool? BuzzFeed
“Learn to Code: The Full Beginner’s Guide”
Always wanted to learn how to code but not sure how to get started? Lifehacker has four great step-by-step lessons that will teach you the basics: LifeHacker

“Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes”

This quick and dirty Photoshop tutorial will have you doing basic photo editing in no time: LifeHacker

“What to Watch”

Unsure what to watch tonight? Check out this great resource for daily tips on what’s worth watching on television: i09

“Trumping The Industry with Kickstarter: Women Support Women To Get Movies Made And Seen”

Traditionally, the male dominance at the top of the film industry has meant that few movies are made about women, by women or for women, but Kickstarter, a website where projects are funded by the masses, is making waves. Truly Free Film

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