Before Photoshop CS6… there were giant chickens

For as long as we’ve trusted the authenticity of photography, it seems like, naturally, we’ve wanted to mess around with photos too. Now it seems like this urge his been around for generations – in this case, a whole century before we started Photoshopping mustaches onto people’s faces. Wired recently uncovered a collection of unusual postcards from the turn of the 20th century showing evidence of some of the first photo manipulation… though it appears that back in the 1900s, it was primarily used to make pictures of giant chickens and potatoes.

In any event, these pictures from the Tall Tale Postcards group and the Wisconsin Historical Society are a neat look back at our obsession with photographic fakery. If you want to take a leap into photo editing with modern technology (and presumably beyond pictures of livestock), the computers at the New Media Center are now equipped with Photoshop CS6.

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