Hot Docs: Mr. Cao Goes to Washington

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Mr. Cao Goes to Washington (DVD 10616) challenges the political status quo with a look at Joseph Cao, a representative with an unconventional life story. Congressman Cao was Congress’s first Vietnamese-American, a non-white Republican elected by an African-American majority in New Orleans, and the only member of his party to support the Affordable Care Act. This documentary about Cao’s brief career on Capitol Hill is a compelling story that exposes the infighting and partisan bickery that characterizes current-day Congress.

Official description from the film’s website:

What happens when the naiveté of a political rookie clashes with the realities of racial and partisan politics of the South?

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington is a fascinating character study of Congressman Joseph Cao, a Vietnamese American Republican elected by surprise in an African American Democratic district in New Orleans. Will Cao make it through his term with his idealism intact?

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