The Office clocks out

After an impressive nine-season run (a rarity for modern scripted sitcoms), NBC’s surprise hit The Office will close shop tonight at 9pm. For a sitcom with an inauspicious start as a sure-to-fail remake of a British TV classic, The Office became a staple of Thursday night television for the last decade. The audience’s interest in Dunder Mifflin’s unhinged work ethic and Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley’s ultimate will-they-won’t-they relationship kept the show a mainstay of American popular culture and dorm room posters. The success of The Office can be seen as one of the biggest factors behind the rise of the single-camera sitcom and the “mockumentary” format aped by Parks and Recreation and Modern Family.

Though the past few years have unarguably been weaker, in part because of the departures of Steve Carell and early showrunner Greg Daniels, the show looks to close out on a high note that pays reverence to its long history and ensemble cast. Pop culture website HitFix put together a great article about how The Office beat the odds and weathered a few sparse years; it’s worth a read before Scranton Business Park hits the lights one final time.

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