Cancel your afternoon of nothing: It’s Arrested Development (again!)

Back in 2006, fans of Fox’s underground hit Arrested Development thought they had said goodbye to the series for the last time. Despite its acclaim, many branded it a flop; the mere fact that they called it that tells us that they weren’t ready for its unusual, forward-thinking brand of comedy. Following a long hiatus, most people assumed that rumors of a fourth season were just a trick. But it’s not a trick or an illusion. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the continual success and revival of niche hit shows like Futurama and Family Guy, it’s that there’s always money in cult TV.

After years of lobbying from the show’s growing fanbase (there are dozens of us! We didn’t see you at the convention), Netflix is indeed premiering a new season of Arrested Development this Sunday, and it’s easily the most anticipated TV event of the year. Suffice to say, Netflix is gonna get some log-ons. Say “Annyong” to the future of television!

Most people excited about the new season have probably watched the original multiple times and memorized its crisscrossing in-jokes and interconnected structure. But if your uncle-father and hermano have never seen Arrested Development before, they’ve made a huge mistake. And that’s why you need to come to Media Services!

We have the first three seasons available for checkout. Be sure to have a dry run with the original series before watching the new one. Unless you’re a chicken! Coo-coo-ca-cha!

Arrested Development, Season 1 – HU DVD 4871
Arrested Development, Season 2 – HU DVD 4872
Arrested Development, Season 3 – HU DVD 4873

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