Media Services at the Movies: White House Down

The summer blockbuster season is here! “Media Services at the Movies” will look at what big movie is coming out this week, then offer a few movies like it from our collection.

Okay, hear us out on this one.

There was once a time when summer blockbusters were not superhero movies. They were just loud and stupid. And for all their sins, they weren’t based on any pre-existing property. You would pay $5 (yes, $5) to see an action hero blow things up for a bit, sometimes with very little plot, and that was it. Most of these movies were made by Roland Emmerich, schlockmeister extraordinaire and one of the highest-grossing directors of all time.

After a series of weird, boring misfires like 10,000 BC and Anonymous, Roland Emmerich has returned to his old wheelhouse for a Channing Tatum movie about the White House exploding. So, whatever, we’re okay with that.

Given the insane/stupid nature of most of Emmerich’s movies, we don’t have too many like them in our collection. But every explosion counts!

The Patriot – HU DVD 347
Independence Day – HU DVD 3111
Lethal Weapon – HU DVD 3591
Point Break – HU DVD 6765
Face/Off – HU DVD 10655
Speed – HU DVD 10859

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