Happy National Dog Day! Avoid animal tragedies with Does the Dog Die

Evidently, August 26th is National Dog Day, a holiday we can all agree with. The holiday’s goal is to raise awareness for local Humane Societies and the adoption process, which is a great thing, but it’s unclear how the average person should celebrate. Surely this is the right day to watch a few dog movies.

But as anyone who watched Marley & Me knows, many movies about pets end with the animals dying. However, some viewers are sensitive about seeing animals dying, or at least they aren’t looking forward to that. Does the Dog Die? is a new spoiler-filled website just for them. DtDD rates movies exclusively by whether the animals in the movies are killed or injured. Old Yeller, for instance, receives a thumbs down, while Legally Blonde gets the site’s seal of approval.

This is perhaps not the best way to evaluate the quality of a movie, but it’s a nice quick reference for people who aren’t in the mood for heartbreak. Well done to whoever came up with the idea!

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