CNBC catches up with The Queen of Versailles subjects

The Queen of Versailles (HU DVD 4553) is one of the more popular and unusual documentaries in our collection. It chronicles the lifestyle of Florida billionaires Jackie and David Siegel as they attempt to build an impossibly massive mansion during the height of the recent economic downturn. As the film explains, a variety of economic and hubristic factors prevented the French-inspired Versailles House from reaching completion.

Apparently the Siegels have doubled down, vowing to complete the mansion within the next few years. For those who came out of The Queen of Versailles deeply intrigued, a recent tour from CNBC shines light on the current state of the project. The piece, featured on the show Secret Lives Of The Super Rich, is by no means a critical exposé, but it does provide an interesting follow-up to see how the Siegels are still pursuing their dreams of elaborate grandeur.

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