The Farce is strong with this video: old blooper reel from Star Wars unearthed

It’s nearly customary at this point for movies to include gag reels, either as a bonus during the credits or as a special feature on the DVD release. Hilarious as they may be, outtakes from The Avengers are very much expected.

That’s why it’s so unique that this new blooper montage from the original Star Wars recently appeared on the web. The movie is 36 years old, and we’re still finding footage from discarded takes to put online. None of the cast or crew likely expected that this would ever see the light of day, so it’s fun to see their candid reactions – especially Alec Guinness’s panicked reaction upon realizing he’s in a movie with a Wookie. The highlight is easily the botched Stormtrooper invasion that ends with a significant chunk of the set being destroyed.

No doubt that more of these clips will be unearthed from the Lucasfilm archive as the release of the next movie in the franchise approaches. Enjoy this fun little piece of film history!

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