What was the deal with Gettysburg? Watch this video for a refresher

Because of all the inevitable “fourscore” jokes today, you may be aware that November 19, 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln’s address at the Gettysburg memorial at the height of the Civil War is among the most significant and quotable (and shortest) in American history. But despite its immense historical significance, it can often be easy to forget the context of the speech and the reasons why Lincoln’s words continue to resonate.

To this end, we humbly offer access to Lincoln and Gettysburg, a documentary about the history of Gettysburg and the historical situation in which Lincoln delivers his memorializing speech. At 48 minutes, it’s a breezy watch that anyone forgetting the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg would do well to watch.

Lincoln and Gettysburg is available to watch online via the AU Library. To view this video, you will need to log in using your WRLC Account.

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