Coen brothers fan? See Inside Llewyn Davis THIS THURSDAY!

Whoa! We get a lot of movie passes, but this one is especially cool. Inside Llewyn Davis, the next film from the legendary Coen brothers, is playing this Thursday at 7pm in Friendship Heights, and we have passes! This is a big movie with high award prospects, and we’re excited that our friends and customers will have a chance to see the film weeks before it formally hits theaters.

This time around, we’re able to distribute these passes online! Visit this website to claim and print your passes for the movie.

As with all advance screenings, a pass does not guarantee that you’ll get in. You’ll still have to show up early and wait in line to ensure that you get a seat.

If you aren’t able to print out a pass, we still have plenty that you can pick up in-person too.

We’re very excited about this one! The Coen brothers have a great track record, and we can’t wait to see if this movie lives up to the hype. See you Thursday!

UPDATE: Looks like we’re out of online passes. You can still claim them in person!

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