Are you gonna bark all day #littledoggie? Reservoir Dogs adapted into Twitter feed

In a bizarre and herculean effort, a fellow name Jorge Zacher has recreated Reservoir Dogs in its entirety in the form of a Twitter feed. Zacher created Twitter accounts for every speaking part in the movie and, with brief narration, reenacted the events of the film as a Twitter conversation. (From a logistical standpoint, this required him to tweet everything backwards to make it readable). It’s surprisingly entertaining to read considering how much it reduces the film, which is a testament to Tarantino’s screenplay. Yes, the raw visceralness of the ear scene is missing, but there’s not a lot that can be done when working directly from the script.

Maybe this is an indication that social media can become a leverageable art form. At the very least, it’s an entertainingly weird adaptation of a popular movie.

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