Filmmaker IQ whets your appetite with a history of movie trailers

We love Filmmaker IQ and their video crash courses on the history of film. In the past we’re posted about their lesson on aspect ratios. This time around, they’ve prepared a history of movie trailers.

You can either follow along in the video (embedded above) or read the article for roughly the same content. Trailers started as interstitial ads that played after short films, but thanks in large part to companies like the National Screen service, they soon became their own thriving industry.

We won’t re-iterate too much more, because the video from Filmmaker IQ is exhaustive and worth watching. If you’ve ever been curious about when the first trailers started to make it big (would you have guessed as early as 1913?), this lesson is for you. Take 15 minutes out of your Sunday and give it a watch!

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