House of Cards crew debates filming in DC, misses entire point of the show

We don’t like to focus on current film gossip and industry natter, but this recent local film story was too funny and too ironic to pass up.

Netflix’s breakout success House of Cards films primarily in Baltimore, and as anyone who grimaced at the “Cathedral Heights” Metro stop scene can attest, there are some pretty jarring cosmetic differences between Maryland’s biggest city and Washington. To drive business in the area, DC government is currently debating whether to provide additional tax incentives to lure House of Cards back to the nation’s capital. (Plus, it’ll spare us all the embarrassment of explaining to friends how that’s not really what DC looks like.)

Many officials (and the crew for House of Cards) are hesitant to bring the show back, specifically citing the previous filming attempts that resulted in a clash between location shooters and MPD. According to Washington City Paper, “The fracas left one location scout fuming that the District’s government is ‘corrupt and dysfunctional.'”

Let that sink in for a second. The production crew of a series about the corrupt dysfunction in Washington does not want to shoot in Washington because it is corrupt and dysfunctional.

The irony might be lost on the House of Cards crew, but we love it. If you want to experience the dysfunction for yourself, the first season is the show is available to check out in the library (HU DVD 14099). The second season won’t be on DVD for another month or so; remember to check back with us about future episodes!

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