AFI Docs announces its 2014 lineup, and it looks terrific

For the uninitiated, every year the American Film Institute hosts AFI Docs, a festival for upcoming documentaries hosted in and around the Washington, DC Metro area. AFI Docs is among the most esteemed documentary film festivals in the world, and ever summer, it is perhaps the biggest film event in the DC area.

The AFI recently announced its 2014 lineup, and it looks pretty great. This year’s slate includes 54 full-length documentaries and 28 shorts covering a wide and exciting range of subject matter. You might be interested in Mudbloods, a documentary about collegiate Quidditch players, or Bronx Obama, a biography of a professional Obama impersonator. But there’s more serious fare as well, including a documentary about Hal Holbrook’s legendary Mark Twain stage show and the life of film critic Roger Ebert.

We highly recommend attending, but tickets of AFI Docs will not be available to the general public until June 2nd. Keep an eye on their website for more information as the June 18th start date approaches!

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