Survey claims you rewatch movies more than you’re willing to admit

We all enjoy rewatching our favorite movies. Sometimes we get more out of the subtext or themes, but often, it’s just fun to revisit our favorites scenes and characters. If you’ve ever had a Marvel marathon or watched whatever Will Ferrell movie was on Comedy Central multiple times in a row, you probably know this feeling well. But considering that movies are generally two hours long, you could end up dedicating whole days of your life to watching certain films. How bad can it get?

British media conglomerate Sky recently surveyed movies fans in the UK and discovered that a quarter of all Britons will sometimes watch their favorite movies at least ten times. That might seem excessive, but if you’re among the most dedicated filmwatchers, that could be a paltry number. In that case, you’re probably among the 10 percent that will watch favorite movies up to 29 times. You also might not be surprised to find Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Back to the Future among the most frequently rewatched movies.

And in the worst-case scenario, you might be one of the two-thirds that admitted to rewatching movies because they were distracted the first time around by their phone, email, or social media. Shame on you! Shaaaaame!

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