Drafthouse compiles the greatest movie deaths (WARNING: this is actually horrifying)

This Friday is Halloween, so we’ll be attempting to bring you spooky, scary, or otherwise horrifying posts this week! We’ll get the crazy stuff out of the way first. To celebrate the impending holiday, Alamo Drafthouse enlisted the filmmakers of the violent short film series The ABCs of Death 2 to curate a supercut of their favorite movie deaths.

Be warned: the results are genuinely horrifying and disgusting. This is basically four minutes of blood and gore. The contents range from famous scenes from Alien and Raiders of the Lost Ark to a particularly disturbing moment from Michael Haneke’s Caché to the frequently banned war/torture film Men Behind the Sun. It’s a mix of highbrow and grindhouse shlock, and if you have a stomach for the content, it’s a supremely entertaining look at how we depict death on film.

(Again, tread lightly if this isn’t your cup of tea. Don’t worry, November 1st will be here soon.)

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