This film critic’s child grew up – with some help from the Terminator

Do you remember your first R-rated movie? Many people probably merged into the world of violent and dark films without great fanfare, but for others, graduating from PG-13 to R is a rite of passage and a sign that, yes, a parent figure thinks that you’re mature enough to enjoy that sort of movie.

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming, inspiring story about this passage into young adulthood, look no further than a recent post from film critic Drew McWeeny. McWeeny showed his son an R-rated movie for the first time, in a very personal blog post, he explains his son’s extreme enthusiasm for The Terminator and what it’s like watching a child take that first step into an unexplored, adult realm of culture. It’s a beautiful, emotional piece, generally about growing up but specifically about watching the next generation become film enthusiasts.

We’ll let McWeeny’s article speak for itself. It’s touching and highly worth a read if you get the warm-and-fuzzies thinking about the future relevance and magic of film.

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