TCM’s ‘Summer of Darkness” offers free online noir course – and a noir movie marathon!

Turner Classic Movies is preparing for “Summer of Darkness,” a slate of over 100 noir films a commentary that will air throughout June and July. Two months of nearly century-old, dark, black-and-white movies is a hard sell during warm weather and peak movie theater season, but Turner clearly isn’t aiming for a general audience. Their noir extravaganza is for film nerds – and now TCM has the academic bonafides to back that up.

TCM has partnered with Ball State University to present a free online course, titled Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir, that will examine the history of noir using critical texts, live chats, and the original films. The course includes access to TCM’s archives, which include production photos, trailers, and essays about the films being discussed.

We’ve never participated in a MOOC ourselves, but we have full faith that BSU and TCM can deliver a quality course. If you’ve feeling a little itchy for film criticism now that the semester’s out, this might be the right outlet for you. Best of all, it’s all lectures and no assignments. It’s learning for the sake of learning! You always wanted more of that from your education, right?

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