Jimmy Stewart takes a detour through Kubricktown

The world has reached peak mashup, with seemingly every television show and movie spliced together with clever editing, so we now only feel compelled to share the really good ones. And one such terrific video has come along featuring a very wary Jimmy Stewart.

“The Red Drum Getaway,” published by new film site Gump, features Jimmy Stewart wandering through a ghostly mish-mosh of director Stanley Kubrick’s creepiest films. Much of the digital editing involved is extremely obvious and artificial-looking, but Stewart’s paranoia and Kubrick’s surreal lingering make a great pair. There’s a particular inspired combination of the most stylized scenes from Vertigo and 2001: A Space Odyssey that we’re surprised no one pieced together earlier.

Now we wish Stewart had starred in a Kubrick film. How surreal would The Shining have been with Mr. Smith as Jack Torrance?

(We should warn that the video includes some footage from the famously explicit Eyes Wide Shut, so use discretion.)

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