See horror’s John Carpenter in DC… at a concert?

Master horror filmmaker John Carpenter is beloved for directing Halloween, They Live, and The Thing. Many people don’t know that he scored many of this movies as well. Carpenter composed the famous Halloween theme song, and since largely setting aside his film career, he has continue to dabble in the minimalist, terrifying synthesizer music that he has helped popularize as the soundtrack of horror.

Even so, we’re surprised that John Carpenter has launched a national concert tour where he’ll be performing horror themes and original music. His second album, Lost Themes II, debuts on April 15th. To support it, Carpenter will be visiting DC’s Lincoln Theater on July 12th for a retrospective night of his music, past and present. He’ll probably perform the Halloween theme – of course – but we’re curious about what else will “[inspire] people to create films that could be scored with this music.”

Tickets are pricey, starting at $55, but we can’t really think of another event this unusual. Horror fans especially should jump at the rare chance to see a famed auteur working his craft.

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