10th Annual Immigration Film Fest

Immigration Film Fest 2023

The 10th outing of the Annual Immigration Film Fest will be held through October 20-22. If you can’t make it to the theaters, you can watch some of the films online from the comfort of your home. The festival also features a reception where you can meet the creators, actors and the wonderful people whose stories […]

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See Rings two days early!

There are many, many reasons you might want a break this week. So we have one for you – free passes to see the upcoming movie Rings two days early! The American remake of The Ring came out 15 years ago, back when most people probably had the means to watch a cursed videotape. This […]

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Come learn about Boyz n the Hood, “a film that changed America”

The AU Library’s ongoing Books that Shaped America series has highlighted some critical pieces of literature from American history. And now, finally, movies are getting their turn, too! Tomorrow, communication librarian Derrick Jefferson will host a discussion of Boyz n the Hood, John Singleton’s 1991 film about youth life in South Central LA. We’re excited […]

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