See where Hollywood films around DC

DC pops up in the movies for good reason: if you want to show the halls of power, you go to Washington. And sometimes, when you’re showing the halls of power, your characters have to go for a walk or get a drink. This is how places like Adams Morgan ended up in movies like Dave.

Last semester, our student staff member Sean put together this great map of all the different places in DC that have shown up on film, along with our call numbers for those movies. Most the movies filmed around the Mall, understandably, but you might be surprised to learn about Slam (HU DVD 158), which was filmed near Anacostia. We also liked that Damn Yankees (HU DVD 2706) takes place at Griffith Stadium, at the side of what’s now Howard University Hospital.

The map doesn’t have ever film every set in DC (no Transformers 3?), but it’s a fun way to look around the city and see where movies you might love have stopped by our city. Thanks to Sean for putting this together!

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