Get a DC Library card to get InstantFlix for free!

DC Public Library’s Tenley-Friendship branch is just down the road from us, so we get excited when we can promote their services too. Like audiobooks! AU doesn’t have a collection, but the Tenley-Friendship library is just a few blocks away.

Now DC Public is expanding its streaming video collection, which we’re happy to promote too! If you have a DC Public Library card, you can now access InstantFlix (also called IndieFlix), a collection of independent movies. InstantFlix is all over the place in a good way: just on the front page, we see a Mythbusters-style reality experiment show, Sundance movies, a Jet Li kung fu movie, PBS documentaries, and something called Angry Nazi Zombies.

InstantFlix also has a “QuickPick” option that tried to give you a recommendation to watch instantly. It’s like the movie version of Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Plus, they have whole categories for cooking videos and campy 80s movies. They have Death Bed: The Bed That Eats! We love that it’s highlighting weirder, out-of-the-way stuff.

Once you get your library card (you can register online or in-person), you’ll have access to the whole InstantFlix catalog for free. Join, and binge forever

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