Would you work for a fictional company? (Don’t mind us, we’re very tired.)

Alright, listen, we’re drained. The weather has been hovering near 100 degrees all week, and after a few weeks of inescapable political talk, we just need something fun and not-heady today. Maybe you do too.

So here’s a silly infographic from Euroffice, a British office supply company, rating fictional corporations by how great they’d be as employers. We don’t totally agree with their conclusions (Anchorman‘s news community is too sexist and has way too high of a mortality rate), but it’s funny to think about the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from Alien in terms of their pay. Sure, you get ripped in half all the time, but they probably have great benefits

We can think of far worse employers than Office Space‘s Initech though. The Ministry of Information in Brazil doesn’t even give you a real desk!

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