What was the last VHS ever?

Yesterday’s post about Vidiots had us thinking about the VHS format again. Commercial VHSes have been out of print for nearly a decade, and with the last VHS player leaving the factory in July, it’s glory days are clearly behind. Just for fun, this got us asking: what was the last VHS ever?

According to Inverse, the last commercial VHS ever published was David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, released on March 14, 2016. Others point to an extremely hard-to-find tape of Cars from 2007, but it’s hard to figure out where those came from. Either way, we can safely say the VHS died about ten years ago.

The Inverse article goes on to wonder whether there might be a future market for VHSes in the same way that vinyl records have come back. Basically, there’s not. The formats that replaced the VHS are all far better and more useful. We’re always in the process of keeping our collection available and up-to-date, but we suspect we won’t be purchasing new VHSes in 20 years.

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