The first Star Wars trailer is missing a whole lot

For Throwback Thursday (do we have to use the hashtag if it’s on a blog?), here’s a neat piece of film history. In December 1976, the first trailer for Star Wars was released, about half a year before the movie. Episode Nothing supplied some context in a recent blog post explaining why it looks so rough.

Star Wars was still a work-in-progress at this point in its production. Apart from a few quick space shots, most of the trailer avoids scenes with special effects; the only lightsabers that appear in screen weren’t colo red in yet, for instance. And perhaps most glaringly in hindsight, the trailer doesn’t have the iconic John Williams score. Without that adventurous music, the movie seems almost dour.

It’s a fun glimpse at how a studio decided to promote a movie they didn’t realize would be a juggernaut. The whole thing is a dark mishmash that reportedly cost about $4000. We guarantee that if 20th Century Fox knew what would follow, they wouldn’t throw together something like this.

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