Ocean’s 8: Will it be at least kind of ok?

As we hear more about Ocean’s 8, this fascinating post on heists might be of interest to  a few of you: http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2017/10/12/one-last-big-job-how-heist-movies-tell-their-stories/

What is a heist film? Bordwell quotes Westlake:

Donald Westlake proposed a concise characterization: “We follow the crooks before, during, and after a crime, usually a robbery.” This indicates two things. First, the plot is structured around the big caper, though there might be lesser crimes enabling it, such as stealing weapons. Second, the viewpoint is organized around the criminals, not the detectives who might pursue them, as in a police procedural. By these criteria, High Sierra (1941), although allied to the bandit tradition, fits because most of the film concerns a single robbery, its preparations and aftermath.

He mentions quite a few movies we own in our collection…too many to list! But, to get you started, we do have the original Ocean’s Eleven: HU DVD 10483.

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