Movies at Random: Holy Motors

Holy cow, I forgot about Holy Motors (HU DVD 11008)! Today, this DVD leapt off the shelf into my hands, and this one I’ve actually seen!

This super weird Leos Carax movie stars Denis Lavant, whose acting generally leans towards hyper-physical mime-like motions, as an actor-like character inhabiting different roles. According to Wikipedia, Carax wrote the role specifically for Lavant, which is not at all surprising given their work together. The movie sparkles with weirdness, and no summary will do it justice, but here’s our summary all the same:

Monsieur Oscar, a mysterious, shadowy character, spends a day traveling through Paris in a limousine driven by his loyal chauffeur, Celine. During his travel, he journeys from one life to the next, taking on the appearances of a wide variety of characters, including a captain of industry, an assassin, a beggar, a monster, a reptilian sex god, a melancholy father, and a dying old man.

And if that doesn’t sell you on it, here’s the trailer:

Happy viewing!

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