Five Films Featuring…Torches!

Fun fact: the entire time I read the Chronicles of Narnia, it never occurred to me that the torch Edmund had was a flashlight. Torches of the fiery variety show up (pretty predictably) in monster-burning scenes paired with pitchforks, and also, you know, when people need light and fire is handy. But, without further ado, Five Films Featuring Torches!

1. National Treasure (HU DVD 11187)

Torches. They has them. (I will never watch this movie.)

2. Ace Ventura (We don’t have it! I’m leaving this in because how the hell do we own national treasure and not Ace Ventura???)

Jim Carrey: “All I really need is my torch.” Lolz.

3. The Revenant (HU DVD 13120)

Honestly I just liked these images, and this movie was so beautifully shot. There’s something both menacing and beautiful about torch light, probably from associations we’ve built up over time from images like these.

4. Snowpiercer (HU DVD 11486)

Remember the epic torch charge? This scene is so good.

5. Frankenstein (1931) (HU DVD 860)

And, of course, our classic torch-wielding mob scene. Enjoy.

For additional fun, you can find a ton more of these on tvtropes because man do Hollywood Torches come up a lot.

Happy Friday!

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