Five Films Featuring…Clock Towers!

Did you know, a Clock Tower and a Bell Tower are considered two different kinds of towers by the highly reliable source for settling petty and pointless arguments, Wikipedia? For that reason, you won’t find Vertigo (HU DVD 14) on this list. But in any case, it’s TIME (get it??) to enjoy Five Films Featuring…Clock Towers!

1. The Hudsucker Proxy (HU DVD 1054)

Coen brothers. Clock tower. Excellent fonts.

2. The Great Mouse Detective (HU DVD 13262)

If this Big Ben chase scene (at approximately this VHS quality) is not a part of your childhood, I feel sad for you.

3. Safety Last (HU DVD 8483)

I have been informed that this is not in fact a scene on a clock tower, but is merely a clock ON a tower so I might as well have included Vertigo, but I’m still in favor of highlighting this iconic scene from Safety Last.

4. Hook (HU DVD 8785)

As you can see, this movie features a…kind of…clock tower. (I mean it’s obviously the coolest clock tower on this list, even if it is a crocodile.)

And, because you know I can’t help myself, we have number five:

5. Back To The Future (HU DVD 7840)

Because obvious.

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