Five Films Featuring…A Rain of Animals

Wow, so I did not know there was a term for animals falling from the sky, but apparently it’s called a “Rain of Animals” and it’s a real thing. To justify the several hours I spent reading about this phenomenon during my work day, here’s Five Films Featuring…A Rain of Animals.

1. Magnolia (HU DVD 1458)

Sort of the obvious, classic rain of animals in film.

2. Fargo, Season 1 (HU DVD 11556)

I hope this isn’t too spoilery. But Season 1 of Fargo, the TV show, features a rain of fish.

3. Triplets of Belleville (HU DVD 1225)

A self-made rain…of frogs.

4. Twister (HU DVD 12600)

“A Storm of Cows” was the best Game of Thrones book IMHO.

5. Sharknado

You will be relieved to know that the library does not, in fact, own Sharknado. We have standards. Kind of. However, I simply had to highlight it because…

Happy Friday.

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