Five Films Featuring…Precarious Babies

This week’s Five Films comes from Sean Casey, our Media Services Manager! Commentary by Tara, who has been thinking a lot about infant mortality. Why do they have to arrive like 25% done? They can’t even hold their own heads up. It’s like they’re designed to die.

Child endangerment is no laughing matter, but shows up fairly frequently in film as precisely a laughing matter. Here are five films in which infants are placed in mortal peril for your entertainment.

1. Raising Arizona (HU DVD 2392)

I mean, I’ve done this plenty of times with takeout. It’s an understandable mistake.


2. Battleship Potemkin (HU DVD 43)

The famous Odessa Steps sequence features a pram rolling down stairs. That’s an important piece of cinema, but significantly more funny is this Naked Gun parody of that scene. But you should probably watch Battleship Potemkin if you are reading this blog.

3. The Hangover (HU DVD 8147)

This entire movie was child endangerment.

4. Hard Boiled (HU DVD 3459)

As one youtube commenter sagely noted, the babies represent innocence. Probably. Here’s a whole article about this baby evacuation:


5. The Incredibles (HU DVD 1901)

At some point, as a plot device, it may have appeared that Jack Jack was in danger. Spoiler: Jack Jack IS danger. Like seriously why would you want this infant ball of death anywhere near you? It’s a super power only a mother could love.

Here’s to the little ones we love and occasionally come perilously close to killing.

Happy Friday!

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