Five Films Featuring…the Bradbury Building

This week’s Five Films Featuring comes from Media/Tech teammate Kit Crawford! Take it away Kit!


Watching movies is not just about what goes on with the characters on the screen, but can sometimes be just as enthralling with what goes on the in the background. Considering how much is CGI these days in film it can be fascinating seeing slices of real life in older films. Whether it’s viewing 1980’s U St. in Mr. T’s early film D.C. Cab(1983),  watching Kevin Costner run from a non-existent Georgetown metro station in No Way Out (1987), or L.A.’s famous Randy’s Donuts that appears in numerous movies, including Iron Man 2 (2010) and Dope (2015). This week’s list pays homage to another ‘cinematic fetish location,’ the iconic Bradbury Building: an ordinary brick office building at 3rd and Broadway in downtown L.A.

1. M [1951 US remake] (Streaming Video)

2. Shockproof (DVD 7204)

3. The Artist (DVD 10193)

4. Marlowe (VHS 4877)

A VHS I know, but Bruce Lee kicks apart furniture in front of James Garner like a bad ass.

5. Blade Runner (DVD 1064)

Famously rendered as J.F. Sebastian’s decrepit apartment building and the climactic roof fight.

    Runner Ups: Disclosure (DVD 10714) relevant in today’s #metoo work culture, and (500) Days of Summer (DVD 8533) At the end when Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes in for a job interview.

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