Five Films Featuring…One Actor Playing Two Roles In The Same Frame

Certain members of the media services team are completely addicted to Counterpart, so for this week’s Five Films Featuring we’ve got…a single actor playing two roles in the same frame.

1. The Parent Trap (HU DVD 5305)

Ummm…annoyingly, we only have the Lindsay Lohan version of this movie. BUT Natasha Richardson was one of my first crushes, so I’ll let the general not awesomeness of this movie slide.

2. Dead Ringers (DVD 65)

Like the parent trap, but terrifying.

3. Being John Malkovich (HU DVD 91)

All the malkovich

4. Moon (HU DVD 7213)

Sam Rockwell and Sam Rockwell as Sam Rockwells on the Moon

5. Mary Poppins (HU DVD 7850)

The scene where her mirror is showing off. Gonna argue this one is in fact a different role, as mirrors are not ourselves…

And yes, honorable mention to Back to the Future, specifically Part II (HU DVD 7841):

Happy viewing! (Sparse commentary because I’m too busy reading reddit pages about Counterpart in preparation for the finale which has been moved to April 1st. HOW CRUEL IS THAT???)

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