Five Films Featuring…Bad Things Happening To Bunnies

It’s Easter, and I love all the junk that goes with Easter including all the adorable bunny themed everything. That said, for this week we’re doing Five Films Featuring…Bad Things Happening To Bunnies.

Bunnies probably represent innocence or something, which might be why they’re so heartbreakingly mutilated in movies.

1. What’s Opera, Doc (HU DVD 12736, Disc 3)

There are apparently only three Looney Tunes shorts where Elmer Fudd defeats Bugs Bunny, and this is one of them. Straight up dies in the end. Except not. But still, it’s one of the greatest ones, and Elmer is actually sorry for shooting the rabbit he’s incessantly trying to kill.

2. The Lobster (HU DVD 13642)

Hard to explain the movie, but basically a bunny gets killed in this film for food. While I’m sure that happens to lots of rabbits in movies, this is the only one I can think of where humans also turn into animals if they fail to find their soulmates. This movie is too weird for me to find an actual picture of the rabbit…or basically any picture that makes sense. But I swear it’s there.

3. Watership Down (HU DVD 9336)

You knew it was going to be on here. This is the most screwed up “kids” movie ever. Rabbits suffer insanely in this film. And yet somehow the book is even darker.

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (HU DVD 2143)

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog does bite it in the end, but not without a fight.

5. Fatal Attraction (HU DVD 2081)

Bunny boiler. Yup. That’s pretty bad.

Happy Friday!

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