Five Movies Featuring… Death by TB

I don’t cry very often at movies, except for one, glaring reason. If someone snuffs it due to tuberculosis (aka Consumption), I will ugly cry. Not a couple of poignant tears, but full-on weeping. It doesn’t matter how bad the movie is, I will bawl my eyes out.

Unfortunately for me, TB is a popular disease to die of in movies, especially in the period dramas I love so much. I’m doomed to an eternity of tears because of movies like these.

The Wind Rises (DVD 11597)

This one messed me up good. I cried in the movie theater, I cried in the lobby, and I cried into my hot chocolate at the café we retreated to afterward. It’s one of my favorite films.

Moulin Rouge (DVD 297)

Is there any movie scene more sad than consumptive Nicole Kidman dying in Ewan Mcgregor’s arms? I don’t think so.

Bright Star (DVD 7070)

In which the waifish John Keats dies of TB in Rome, forever separated from his beloved Fanny.

Tombstone (DVD 2812)

Doc Holliday battles tuberculosis…. And outlaws. I haven’t seen this one yet, but now I have to.

Les Miserables (DVD 254)

Anne Hathaway’s Oscar-winning performance as the long-suffering Fantine left me in tears.


The Forgotten Plague (DVD 12023)

Just in case you want to learn more about tuberculosis, the good people at PBS have you covered.

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