Happy Birthday Frank Marshall: A Californian Everyone Should Know

by Kevin Yates

Frank Marshall was born on September 13th, 1946 and is known as one of the greatest directors/producers of all time. He frequently collaborated with his wife Kathleen Kennedy as well as Steven Spielberg. His rise to fame started from some friendships in college that led to some volunteer positions on set. One of the first sets he volunteered on was for Bogdanovich’s film “Targets.” From there he started working with bigger names like Martin Scorsese and Walter Hill. Some of you will unanimously know one of his most recent films “Jurassic World” which was captivating and adventurous, just like some of his other hits. He is a world class director/producer/actor who is well known in the film world but can fly below the radar if you’ve never heard of him. He tends to get less attention than the Spielberg’s and Scorsese’s of the world, but his top hits are nothing short of greatness. 

  • The Color Purple (DVD 5426) 
  • Back to the Future (DVD 7840)
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (DVD 3251) 
  • The Bourne Identity (DVD 4951) 
  • Seabiscuit (DVD 7265) 
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (DVD 5917)
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