Guess the Theme: A commonality connects these films... can you figure it out?

Guess the Theme – March Results, April Movies

Congratulations to the Jordan Delgado, CAS/BA ’25, for winning the March Guess the Theme contest! Their correct guess entered them into a random drawing for a free drink token from the Davenport Coffee Lounge. Were you also able to figure out the theme? As a reminder, the movies were: 21 Jump StreetBridesmaidsForgetting Sarah MarshallKnocked UpA Quiet Place, and Blockers. The theme was “Films that Premiered at SXSW.” This one was pretty tricky, but following the hint should have led you to this blog post which included all six of the Guess the Theme films on our list of favorite movies from SXSW in our collection. That’s how Jordan was able to guess the theme correctly after getting nowhere by looking at things like cast, crew, genre, etc. (which is a good starting point for other month’s themes). Their favorite movie from the list is 21 Jump Street.

If you want a chance to win your own Dav token, make sure to stop by the Guess the Theme poster near the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library and submit your guess for April’s contest. This month’s theme also comes with a hint: You may need to check out the bonus features. The movies for this month are down below:

Poster for "Blade Runner" featuring an illustration of a man with a gun, a woman with a cigarette, and a futuristic cityscape

Blade Runner (DVD 1064)

Poster for "Clue" featuring well-dressed people standing in the windows of an old-fashioned manor

Clue (DVD 16811)

Poster for "Wayne's World" featuring two musicians standing in the sky and looking up at the camera

Wayne’s World (DVD 3579)

Poster for "Fatal Attraction" featuring a picture of a couple that is torn apart between them to reveal a red background

Fatal Attraction (DVD 2081)

Poster for "28 Days Later" featuring a silhouette of a man walking past a city with a red background made up of a face with orange eyes

28 Days Later (DVD 952)

Poster for "The Bourne Identity" featuring a man with a gun running in front of a two-tone blue and orange background

The Bourne Identity (DVD 4951)

Once again, all of these films are available for members of the AU community to check out from the Circulation Desk. The winner of the free drink token will be randomly drawn from the eligible submissions with correct guesses and will be revealed at the end of the month. Check back in here at Media Services News to see if your guess was right and to preview the May movies. Good luck!

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