Archives Move Uncovers Funky Finds

Archives staff has made substantial progress over the last few weeks. We boxed up all of the reel to reel recordings from the John R. Hickman Collection and integrated our photo collections into one series. After organizing and putting into folders the contents of all of our map cases, we began reviewing our large oversize to determine what could be stored flat. We are over halfway done with this project. We will begin packing the rare book collection about six to eight weeks before our move date depending on what else needs to be done. As we wrap up the fall semester, I thought I would share some funky items that we found as part of our move preparations.


Gordon Smith was a professor of music. As part of his collection, he donated a number of pieces of old audiovisual equipment. Most of this equipment has been given away but we found a Minox slide projector and slides hidden away in a corner.


Gordon Smith Minox Slide Projector


We also discovered this plaster cast of a hand sculpture. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery as the box it came in was unmarked.



We will post another update in early January.