Bishop John F. Hurst Autograph Collection (1532-1883)

AU’s founder, Bishop John Fletcher Hurst, was an avid collector. In addition to a large library, he amassed a small autograph collection. The books, correspondence, and documents in this collection highlight Hurst’s interest in astronomy, Italy, mathematics, nature, and religion. It includes letters written by Michael Faraday (1851), Lamarck (1822), and Alexander von Humboldt as well as letters relating to the unification of Italy three of which were written by Giuseppe Garibaldi. Of note are several 19th century papal bulls, 16th century astronomical text entitled Liber Ioannis de Sacro Busto De sphaera / / addita est præfatio in eundem librum Philippi Mel. ad Simonem Grineum, and a 1581 decree of King Philip II of Spain.