life before DVDs included 53 deleted scenes…

It is hard to imagine, I know. But if you are interested in finding out, check out HU DVD 609, A Star is Born. The version of the film that was released by Warner Brothers in 1954 cut a half hour out of George Cukor’s film, against his wishes. What we see on DVD today is an effort to piece the original story back together using sound recordings, recovered film and still shots. To learn more about the restoration project, click here.

The Media Services collection includes several films by the director of A Star is Born, George Cukor, and its stars: Judy Garland and James Mason.

George Cukor
Adam’s Rib – HU DVD 4906
Camille – HU DVD 3094
Holiday – HU DVD 5177
Philadelphia story – HU DVD 2189

Judy Garland
Meet me in st. louis – HU DVD 906
Wizard of oz – HU DVD 666

James Mason
Bigger than life – HU DVD 3074
Island in the sun – HU DVD 3273

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