“Ohh! The tortures of the damned!” Media Services highlights a film from the collection: Vampire’s Kiss HU DVD 6548

This is one of my favorite weird movies, and my all-time favorite vampire movie. Nicholas Cage is at his best, playing a funny role but playing it seriously. Cage is Peter Loew, a yuppie with serious problems: he thinks he’s becoming a creature of the night. But when you think you are becoming a vampire and you really aren’t, what are you supposed to do? Your first order of business: buy fake vampire teeth. Maybe move on to turning your couch upside down and using it as a coffin-bed. See a cockroach? A vampire would eat it, right?

You can’t help but watch spellbound, as Loew devolves into mental illness terrorizing his assistant and freaking out on his therapist. In one of Cage’s most spectacular, yet often ignored roles, he showcases his acting prowess and his ability to play complex people in funny and nuanced ways. Yes, he actually does eat a cockroach. Check out the trailer:

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