Corin Redgrave dies at 70.

Brother of Vanessa & Lynn Redgrave, this well-regarded actor passed away yesterday. Redgrave is best known for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Oscar winner, A Man for All Seasons.

We have several of his films in our collection in Media Services — all well worth seeing. I’m particularly curious about a little known Nicholas Roeg film, Eureka, starring in addition to Redgrave, Gene Hackman, Theresa Russell, Mickey Rourke, Rutger Hauer, and Joe Pesci. Heavy hitters all — and from a time in Roeg’s career where he really was making out there films (even compared to his normally out there work.)

Here’s the trailer. How can you not want to watch it?

Here’s a list of titles and call numbers for other Redgrave films:

Four weddings and a funeral – HU DVD 6282
England, my England – HU DVD 3738
William Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra – DVD 3765
In the name of the father – HU DVD 6849
Man for all seasons – HU DVD 2093
Eureka – VHS 1866

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