Now in Media Services: Unrestrictable Home Use Titles!

We have begun to acquire second and third copies of some of our more popular films. These are high demand titles that tend to be used in class every semester which prevents them from being checked out as home use titles to patrons. As a result, we have decided to create a new category for these titles called Unrestrictable Home Use. This means we have a dedicated non-Home Use copy of the item that faculty will always have access to and an Unrestrictable Home Use version that you, the patron (i.e.; AU students and staff) will always be able to access. In other words, regardless of whether a title is getting used for a class these Unrestrictable Home Use titles can always go out for home use.

Here’s a list of our first set of Unrestrictable Home Use items:

Devil’s Backbone – HU DVD 441
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – HU DVD 501
Fight Club – HU DVD 939
Blade Runner – HU DVD 1064
American History X – HU DVD 1132
Hotel Rwanda – HU DVD 1205
Schindler’s List – HU DVD 2419
All About My Mother – HU DVD 2446
Talk to Her – HU DVD 2447
The Godfather – HU DVD 2541
The Godfather II – HU DVD 2542
The Godfather III – HU DVD 2543
The Godfather Supplements – HU DVD 2544
Volver – HU DVD 2656
Last King of Scotland – HU DVD 2699
Pan’s Labyrinth – HU DVD 2770
A Clockwork Orange – HU DVD 3274
Hurt Locker – HU DVD 6762

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