Interactive Media: Flash, pt 2 – Get Flash

In order to do some work on Flash you’ll actually need Flash. Unfortunately it’s a very expensive program. However, I have a few ways around that for you.

All 8 computers in the DMS have Flash installed on them. So you can, of course, come here and use Flash. Not only that, I’m a bit of a Flash guru and I can offer you expert assistance.

You can download a trial version of Flash on your Mac or PC from Adobe’s website. The trial lasts for 30 days. The downside to this is the fact that Adobe is wise to folks downloading the trial over and over. Unless you know how to change your IP address you can only do this once. Oh, did I say that out loud…?

Your last option is to buy Flash. It normally retails for $700. But, if you are an AU student (or a student at many other universities) you can buy Flash from JourneyEd for $178. Not a bad price reduction.

Once you’ve got some Flash, come back and learn how to use it.

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