Happy fall semester! Watch our best college movies

And with that, the 2012 fall semester at American University has begun. The first day of classes is winding to a close, but for incoming freshmen, the college experience has just begun.

Whether you’re taking Leadership Gateway or preparing for your capstone, now is a great time to watch some of the greatest college movies in our collection. Just… don’t use them as instructional guides. Especially not The Social Network and Animal House.

School Daze – HU DVD 357
Horse Feathers – HU DVD 1128
Good Will Hunting – HU DVD 1724
The War at Home – DVD 3102
The Great Debaters – HU DVD 4232
National Lampoon’s Animal House – HU DVD 4913
Berkeley in the Sixties – DVD 5238
The Social Network – HU DVD 7969
Old School – HU DVD 8779

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