Sam Raimi turns 53

Self-made director-writer-producer Sam Raimi turns 53 today. Raimi has led a storied and versatile career, starting with the breakout success of low-budget horror movie The Evil Dead. Over the course of three decades, Raimi has collaborated with the Coen brothers, produced hit television shows, and helmed the Spider-Man film franchise. On top of directing major Hollywood tentpole titles, he now regularly returns to his roots and produces and funds small horror movies.

Who knows what next turn Raimi’s career will take, but his filmography is diverse and exciting. Especially given the seasonal focus on horror movies, it’s worth taking time to look back at some of Raimi’s biggest films.

The Gift – HU DVD 897
The Hudsucker Proxy – HU DVD 1054
Spider-Man – HU DVD 7121
Spider-Man 2 – HU DVD 7122
Spider-Man 3 – HU DVD 7123
The Grudge – HU DVD 7779
Evil Dead – HU DVD 8141
Evil Dead II – HU DVD 8142
Drag Me to Hell – HU DVD 10122

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