Media Services at the Movies: Star Trek Into Darkness

The summer blockbuster season is here! “Media Services at the Movies” will look at what big movie is coming out this week, then offer a few movies like it from our collection.

Get out of your Jeffries tube and adjust your Heisenberg compensators: it’s Star Trek season again! Four years after J. J. Abrams gave new life to the storied but creaky space adventure franchise, the director-producer has returned with a new chapter that promises to be darker, more exciting, and possibly featuring even more fan service (Does Benedict Cumberbatch play the evil Khan? Does it matter?). But don’t boldly go just yet: early reviews indicate that the movie’s slam-bang action might’ve taken some of the heart out of the venerable series.

A number of us in Media Services are self-professed Trekkies, so we’re understandably a little excited. We have a big chunk of Star Trek‘s 47 year history in our collection. If you’ve never watched any before, make it so.

Trekkies – HU DVD 744
Star Trek: The Original Series – HU DVD 6201 – 6203
Star Trek: The Next Generation – HU DVD 6401 – 6449
Star Trek (2009) – HU DVD 7084
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – HU DVD 9731
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – HU DVD 9732
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – HU DVD 9733
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – HU DVD 9734
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – HU DVD 9735
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – HU DVD 9736
Star Trek: The Captains’ Summit – HU DVD 9737

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