Dig in: A comprehensive list of film’s greatest greasy eats

For a university community, the end of the academic year means more time to relax, stay outside, and giving in to some less-healthy foods. There’s nothing wrong with indulging once in a while.

We wouldn’t have guessed that there’s a particularly great history of greasy food-related moments in film, but lo and behold, pop culture website ShortList has found some. In the past few decades, movies have apparently been more liberal about showing characters eating, their go-to foods of choice being pizza and burgers. Award-winning classics like Do the Right Thing and Pulp Fiction have memorable food scenes, but even odd choices like Grease and Back to the Future have choice moments with fatty foods.

These are probably the most inconsequential lists of all time, but hey, we’re in the first week of the summer session. Enjoy!

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